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Are you running your business like a founder, or flying by the seat of your pants? We can help.


Formerly known as Creative’s Academy, the Creative Founders Course is our flagship conference is available as a virtual, 7-week online course. Each week, we will release a module with video lessons, worksheets, homework, resources and a live Q&A call. You have access to our private forum for connecting with your classmates. Begins in September 2016. LEARN MORE.


Formerly known as the Stationery Academy conference, the Creative Founders Conference is our flagship event. 3.5 all-inclusive days where you’ll experience it all in-person during a retreat with 25 other creative business founders… with some delightful surprises along the way. Our next event will be held in Pensacola, Florida March 5-9, 2017. LEARN MORE. 


The Intensive is the 7-week Creative Founders Course in a small group environment, held over 4 months. It’s a slower, more personally-focused pace with smaller accountability groups and one-on-one attention to help you implement while you’re learning. Our next Intensive will begin March 2017 with registration opening January 2017. LEARN MORE.

About Society for Creative Founders

Society for Creative Founders (formerly Stationery Academy) is a community for makers, artists, and designers to learn how to run their businesses with clarity, strategy, and action. It’s a community of founders – people who have started their business. Society for Creative Founders started as Stationery Academy in 2011. Now there are hundreds of alums across the world, with a strong community and support for each other. This community has grown into something that is so much more than a conference. We know it’s important for you to CONNECT, and connect on a deeper level than you can at large events or in large Facebook groups. We offer intimate learning experiences, like conferences, webinars, online courses, and group coaching. So whether it’s learning the business-side of your creative business, learning how to price your product for profit, having vendors and fulfillment companies you can trust, creating productive processes, or honing in on your unique values and the core mission of your brand so you are doing what you love, Society for Creative Founders helps you run your business like a Founder – with a clarity, strategy, and action.

We want you to know that you are not alone! This is the place for answers and an open community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs. You can be a part of a this community and find a support system to help you be more successful at running your creative business. Society for Creative Founders is your game changer.

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Our 6 Pillars of a Successful Creative Business

Every creative business must have these six crucial elements. Our proven action plan will transform your business for growth.

We believe your business needs both a supportive community and a strong foundation to grow—and we think they work best together. So everything we offer is rooted in two things: engaging in an encouraging community and growing through the Six Pillars of a Successful Creative Business:

Your Core

Your Core

Discovering your purpose and mission is where you start and lay the groundwork for your creative business. Knowing your business purpose is exactly what helps you make decisions to get you where you want to be.

Your Money

Your Money

Pricing your product for maximum profit, and paying yourself so you can make money, will ultimately reach the goals you have in life. Knowing the numbers of your business will actually give you peace of mind and financial security.

Your Client

Your Client

Defining your ideal client is a must. You can’t be everything to everyone, so knowing who your client is, what problems they face, and how you can be a solution with your product, is a critical part of growing your business.

Your Call

Your Call

Marketing is a huge part of your business. If you can’t get people to find you and buy, you might as well have a hobby. A reactive plan is no plan at all. A great marketing plan will help you execute effectively, so you can drive business and sales to your shop, boutique or site.

Your Brand

Your Brand

Developing your own signature style is key to creating a successful product line in a sea of the same. Uncovering your brand elements, creating a cohesive collection, and finding unique inspiration are all a part of how people perceive your brand.


Your Plan

Having a vision for the future and actionable & measurable goals to get there is what make this dream of yours a real business. Short-term goals and plans will give you small victories and are stepping stones to your ultimate life and family goals.

What course, conference, and intensive alumni are saying about us

I came into this experience with what I thought was a decent grasp on my business and its direction, and I left Stationery Academy with a completely different direction.  This program is so much more than a “Stationery Academy”, it is life changing! It gets to the core of who you are and how to turn that into a profitable business. Stationery Academy was not only a game changer for my business, it was a life changer for me personally. EVERY creative business owner needs to experience the amazingness that is Stationery Academy! Brittany Flemming

class of 2015, Brittany Morgan

Y’all, seriously. Get yourselves to Stationery Academy ASAP. It completely transformed my thought process about my business and really kicked me into high gear as far as business practices go. I can definitely see why there were several people there with us who were attending for a second time. Most importantly, I left with a wealth of knowledge, tools to grow, and a mass of new cheerleaders and friends. Thanks for an awesome experience, Stationery Academy. Emilee Wheeler

class of 2013 scholarship recipient , Birch & Main Letterpress

Stationery Academy was the push I needed to really invest in my business with my time and financial resources. It made me believe that what I am doing is a real career, not just a hobby or “something I do on the side.” Having the support from other designers and the conference leaders who have all been in our shoes at some point… It gave me worth, and that is priceless! Ryann Jarrard

class of 2015, nine0nine Creative

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